WILD LIFE PRODUCTIONS (WLP) is a multi-media production company creating content for film and television, branded, online, and social media outlets.

Co-founded by J. Mark Fowler and Devon Chivvis in 2000, WLP’s mission is to produce original, entertaining, and inspiring programming with the highest possible production value and substance.

By combining their expertise in production with marketing, PR, and a mastery of digital and social media, WLP offers their clients multifaceted strategies to reinforce and expand public awareness of their brands and marketing goals by integrating brands into entertaining multi-media content.

With over 14 years of experience producing for cable networks such as Nat Geo, Travel Channel, Discovery, and for syndication, their clients include foundations, non-profits, and government agencies such as NOAA, NASA, HURL, WHOI, S.W.A.T, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, and the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, among many others. WLP has seamlessly integrated each of these clients’ brands and missions into major television and online productions seen worldwide.

Additionally, WLP brings expertise to shoot anywhere in the world, with extensive experience producing and filming both above and below the surface of the ocean, inside and outside manned submersibles, aboard research vessels, and on mountaineering and safari expeditions, among others.

We work with the top producers, adventure camera operators, editors, sound designers, and composers, always seeking to produce the highest quality programming possible.

We also are available to produce narrative recreations, independent documentaries, online, commercial, and industrial needs.

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WLP filming “Elevation” on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

WLP “Hunt for the Samurai Subs” for NAT GEO Channel off Oahu, HI

WLP filming “Lost Continent of the Pacific” for NAT GEO Channel.